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The Future Is Retreading

Here at our ContiLifeCycle retreading plant we continue to drive innovative retreading technologies in our ever-changing world which is becoming more and more focused on a sustainable future for our planet. Commercial fleet operators are becoming increasingly keen to reap the benefits of retreads as a more sustainable tyre choice which creates opportunities for further environmental gains and savings in the UK road transport industry.

Our specialist product range has been engineered to perform for our customers and their bespoke needs. We are currently on a journey to launch our Generation 5 range which covers key applications in our portfolio; our new BD5 drive tyre in the Fleetmaster range has been engineered for mileage performance and longevity, our Wastemaster 5 tyre includes our pioneering sidewall protection features for urban waste collection vehicles and joining the line up soon will be a new regional trailer tyre. Alongside our Gen5 line up is our proven Gripmaster on-off road construction range developed with bespoke tread pattern designs for improved grip and stone ejection features to perform in demanding environments.

Every Bandvulc retread tyre we produce, saves 85% of the materials required to manufacture a new tyre, therefore significantly reducing our impact on the environment. This means we are able to save 30kg of rubber compound, up to 20kg of steel and 60kg of CO2 on every retread tyre we produce, compared to a new tyre. When you consider our customer portfolio includes many household names and covers a significant proportion of logistics fleets across the UK this mounts up to massive savings in our planet’s precious resources.

We are fully prepared for the future. Ongoing investment from our parent company Continental ensures that we continue to lead the way in research and development, alternative and sustainable materials and environmentally friendly production processes. For us it is all about continuing to respond to the needs of our customers and our planet, whilst driving innovation forward in our practises to achieve the best retread tyre.

Tony Mailling
Head of Hot Retread Production, EMEA.

Brand Values


Industry Leading Processes, Design, and Technology

We continually invest in the future of our purpose-built LifeCycle plant by taking full advantage of technical advances and the latest technology available throughout the retreading operation. Our pioneering approach allows us to combine hot and cold retreading under one roof in a closed production cycle where synergies from retreading and rubber recycling are used enabling us to set new standards in sustainability.


A Greener Journey and Extended Life Cycles

We have been committed to the care of the environment, prevention of pollution, and our responsibility to ensure that our retreading operation is as efficient as possible with minimum impact to the environment. From our manufacturing processes to our zero-to- landfill policy, through to our diverse product offering and the quality retreads we provide. Sustainability has, and always will be at the heart of our operations, across the board.


50 Years of Research, Investment, and Teamwork

People are the driving force behind our success. Across the business we have experts in rubber technology, research and development, robotics and engineering allowing us to design a unique range of tyres for specific applications, right down to the bespoke rubber compounds produced in-house in our laboratory.


Setting The Retread Standard

From initial design and development work to casing recycling and tread application, we implement critical quality control measures across our business that ensure we operate in the most efficient way and continually improve in all respects to fulfil our standards and achieve the best retread tyre.

Conti360° Solutions

Business Services and solutions from continental
Conti360° is our all-round tyre management solution for fleets. From the selection of the right tyres for your application, fitting, ongoing monitoring and reporting, fast response in the event of a tyre breakdown to the proper handling of worn tyres and extended life cycles through retreading, we take care of your tyres, so you don’t have to.

Bandvulc. a brand of continental

Our premium retread tyres are tested & quality assured
Bandvulc truck tyres are manufactured in our ContiLifeCycle retreading plant which produces a tyre every 3 minutes. Our tyres use bespoke compounds developed in-house for the sole use of our retreading operation and we have more than 100 different patterns and sizes including specialist applications.

Our Tyre Range


Ready for the the long haul.


Sustainable mileage meets flexible performance.


Resilience meets performance.


Reliability and endurance at every stop.


Outstanding reliability whatever the challenge.


Stability meets endurance.


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