“Dealing with Bandvulc has always been easy, deliveries are made quickly and because the tyres are specifically manufactured for the construction industry, they perform and provide excellent grip in these conditions. The nature of our work means that we require a lot from our tyres, they need to perform on really rough terrain without sustaining damage and whilst our tyres rarely wear to the end of their life, Bandvulc products really endure the conditions well and outperform other non-specialist tyres.

We have dealt with Bandvulc for many years. Not only do we know the tyres perform, but it’s great to know that the tyres we use in our quarries are manufactured locally by a company who shares our commitment to the environment.”
Will Bishop
Logistics Director JBH
“Tyres in this environment need to provide resistance to damage and grip due to the surfaces we operate on. We’ve used Bandvulc’s Gripmaster range for years and have been very impressed with the endurance the tyres provide for our hard-working vehicles. The BDY3 tyre is a proven performer in our quarries and not only provides resistance to damage and cuts on rough surfaces, but also provides a great solution on-road too.”
Jack Walden
Fleet Manager Paul McGowan
“For us, a retreaded tyre makes a great deal of sense. Shards and shavings of metal are prevalent in the environment in which we work and that can often lead to punctures and tears. We’re rarely in a position where our vehicles can run a tyre to the end of its working life. Using a retreaded tyre from Bandvulc is much more cost-effective for us than a new, high-mileage tyre when it’s almost a certainty that they’ll need to be replaced ahead of time. What’s more, the standard of the product means that we get a perfect balance of high quality and overall cost.

Not only are we happy with the service and the performance of the tyres. As a business, we strive to operate in a socially responsible way, and we’re happy that we can support the recycling process by choosing retreaded rubber.”
Richard Tallis
Barrett Steel
“Bandvulc’s high service standards, alongside the ability to supply both new and retread tyres as required, make them an outstanding partner. I have been with SFS since the business started some 27 years ago, and the relationship with Bandvulc goes way back to the beginning.”
Bob Sweetland
SFS Fleet Director
“Many years ago, we had a variety of tyres on a managed contract, but the supplier wanted to get out of contract business altogether. We therefore gave Bandvulc the chance to deal with everything and haven’t looked back since. Now, as part of Continental, Bandvulc has a terrific range of high-quality tyres that they can offer us on steer axles, with their top of the range retreads on all of our drive and trailer axles.”
Mick Arnold
CSG Fleet Engineer
“Our desire was for a premium service without any significant cost increases, explains group transport manager, Dave Dixon. We were keen to work alongside Continental to minimise downtime and maximise longevity, as well as enjoy the environmental benefits of complementing new tyres with retreaded rubber. I certainly think that’s what we’ve achieved.

We’ve been in a fortunate position to be very busy throughout the pandemic, but that poses a potential risk when you make the transition from one supplier to another. I’m more than satisfied with the way Continental has handled the contract so far. They’ve been especially proactive in finding solutions to any issues that have arisen, and the service has been great.”
Dave Dixon
Group Transport Manager at Lime Logistics
We’ve been using Bandvulc for a number of years now and, having trialled other brands extensively, we find their overall package to be excellent value. It’s important that not only the product performs to expectations but that the service and responses are equally positive. Bandvulc deliver in all areas of their business and we’re pleased to have them as suppliers.
Nigel Evans
MD, Evans Transport Ltd
“Due to the nature of our work as a rental firm, we wanted the Bandvulc team to be fully integrated into our customer service offering. We’ve made excellent progress over the past year and we’re impressed by Bandvulc’s commitment to strive to do more.

We know that Bandvulc and the Conti360° network genuinely care about the business and that means we can trust them to deliver.”
Rob Saunders
Director of Operations at TRL

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