Looks like new, runs like new.

In the production of Bandvulc tyres we apply an entirely new rubber compound onto a used tyre casing in a hot vulcanization process, making the retread tyre look and perform just like new. The result is a solid rubber tyre applied to selected high-quality casings that have been thoroughly checked following a standardised and safe protocol.

In the first step of the process of hot retreading, the tread is removed entirely from the casing. Then we reapply the custom rubber compound which is manufactured at our adjacent rubber mixing plant. To waste as little resources as possible we also save the thermal discharge produced during the vulcanization and feed it back into the production process. We have therefore established a closed, clean and energy-efficient production cycle that is sustainable and allows us to create high quality products at lower costs.


Our ContiLifeCycle plant in Devon has been the home of Bandvulc tyres for over 50 years. Over 90% of retreaded truck and bus tyres used in the UK are manufactured in the UK so not only is the product itself sustainable, so is its journey to market.

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