People are the driving force behind our success.  Across the business we have experts in rubber technology, research and development, robotics and engineering.

This allows us to design a unique range of tyres for specific applications, right down to the bespoke rubber compounds produced in-house in our laboratory. 

Meet Our Team

THE People Behind The Tyres

Tony Mailling

Operations Director

James Griffiths

Technical Manager

Justin Holloway

Quality & Environmental Manager

Rob Atkinson

H&S Manager

Peter Pritchard

Production Manager BV Mixing

Richard Martin

Production Manager

Magdalena Humphreys

Operations Manager & IT

Our team and their journeys

“As a long-serving member of the Bandvulc team I have enjoyed job security, regular and reliable work with possibilities to progress within the company over the years. Now being part of the Continental group, a whole new world of opportunity has opened up! In my case, being invited to join new projects with our sister plant in Stӧcken, which oversees all casing supply and trade in Europe.”
Nick Jarvis
“I enjoy the challenges of my role and always have done, along with integrating new technologies into our systems and processes as they evolve, and everyday is different! Now being part of the Continental family, I have a wider range of technical resources and expertise which both brands are renowned for.”
Tony Cross
Senior Technical - 25 years service
“Continental’s commitment to individual development and openness has given me the tools and knowledge to get the best out of my role. The trust given to me by my line director allows me to run my department efficiently and safely knowing that I have their support when needed. I have many roles from people management, to quality assurance, staff safety and compound development so no day is ever the same. I enjoy helping others achieve their goals from my years of experience.”
Peter Pritchard
Production Manager - 30 years service
“The biggest benefit I experience in working for Continental is the flexibility and being able to work shift patterns which help me support my family life. My supervisor always provides feedback on my work and progress which is really appreciated, especially in a busy environment! I have been able to progress my career to a really varied role which I enjoy and which allows me to develop my skill set in a variety of different tasks across the plant”
Kate Atkinson
Stores and Production - 9 years service.
“Since joining Continental in 2021 I have enjoyed working hard in an active job and pushing myself to meet my targets which really motivates me. The hands-on approach to training has been really beneficial and the people I work with are really supportive along with the management team who are encouraging me to learn new skills in order to further develop my role in the future. It’s great to be offered overtime as well which is a bonus and the holiday entitlement is good.”
Michael McCarthy-Stubbs
Moulding - 9 months service
“Having worked at Bandvulc for a many years we’ve experienced a transition period as we integrate more with Continental and now enjoy further benefits such as extended holidays, a bonus scheme and importantly there is a clearer structure and more open dialogue on career progression and development plans. A big focus for the company has always been H&S and Quality in our products and processes and our ISO accreditation requires us to continually improve our standards which is a big part of my role which I enjoy working on.”
Dan Simpson
H&S Quality Auditor - 15 years service
“Since working at Continental I’ve found the shift patterns allow me to have a much better work / life balance and work around my family well. The team I work with are great and the supervisors always take the time to check in with you even during busy periods. In the short time I’ve been here I’ve noticed so many development projects going on in the plant including new innovations in Robotics; there’s always improvement happening.”
Brice Shields
Building - 9 months service
“Throughout my time at Continental it’s been great to learn how each stage in the production process is crucial to the quality and performance of the end product which has always been the highest priority for Bandvulc. I enjoy my role as a Supervisor, the shift patterns are convenient and the role keeps challenging me.”
Jacek Orzech
Factory Supervisor - 15 Years service
“I’m happy in my role at Continental, the workload and targets are manageable and the team around me are always on hand to support if needed. I enjoy the shift pattern I work which allows me to spend weekends with my family.”
Magek Gugula
Preparation - 10 years service
“My role within the Plant is very varied which I enjoy and after 6 years I still learn something new each day! One of the best parts of working at Continental is the people I work with. Even though Bandvulc has joined a bigger company, we’ve still retained the family ethos across the business which can be rare in other factory environments.”
James Platten
Maintenance Team - 6 years service
“What I loved about Bandvulc was the “family” element to the company, which we’ve retained as part of Continental. We’ve gained more experience and resource by joining the CTG and there are more opportunities to progress and widen your skill set. One of Continental’s core values, “Freedom to Act” is really refreshing and allows me to gain confidence and experience, after 10 years in the business it’s great to still have an active training plan and I feel very encouraged to train and learn more.”
Jon Squires
Transport Manager, CGL - 10 years service
“I have worked for Bandvulc for almost 12 years now, alongside and under a very supportive team of people. Every day is different and continues to challenge me so I am continually learning something new and developing my knowledge, especially since the acquisition by Continental Tyres and the increased opportunities available.”
Sarah Curtis
Management Accountant - 12 years service

Brand Journey


Find out what’s happened since by viewing our news section.


Our production facility hits a record 4,000 tyres being produced per week. With our ethos still on reducing its impact on the environment, investment was made in updating our casing handling system to further improve recyclability.

In 2016 the Bandvulc Group was acquired by Continental group holdings, further strengthening its position as Britain’s leading UK commercial retreader for truck, LGV and commercial vehicle tyres.


Our B2K trailer tyre was launched and quickly became a bestseller in our portfolio. BTC (Bandvulc Tyre Contracts) was launched providing 24/7/365 tyre support for our blue chip customer base. Following years of investment into processes and people, the Tyre Support Unit is renowned for tyre expertise and customer service excellence. Following the acquisition by Continental in 2016, the team has grown and evolved and now operates as Conti360° Solutions.

In 2006 the our BIG tyre range was launched for local fleets and tipper operations.

We added 2 tyre patterns to its long haul tyre range, the BD08 and BT08. Designed for high mileage haulage operations the tyres were instantly popular with our retail customer base and continue to perform in today’s market.


The 90’s saw the launch of our Wastemaster range. Still a proven market leader in the waste industry, the Wastemaster tyre has evolved over the last 20 years to provide a high performing, sustainable solution to waste fleets across the UK and in Europe.


Our product sales continued to grow and a nationwide delivery network was established across the UK. Our knowledge of rubber technology lead to the evolution of an in-house rubber compounding plant to produce rubber solely for our range.


Our retreading began with manufacturing tyres for local operations and tipper fleets. As the demand grew, we invested in purpose built premises in Ivybridge, which is still the heart of the retreading operation today.

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