Industry leading processes, design and technology.

We continually invest in the future of our purpose-built LifeCycle plant by taking full advantage of technical advancements and the latest technology available throughout the retreading operation.

Our pioneering approach allows us to combine hot retreading and rubber recycling under one roof in a closed production cycle enabling us to set new standards in sustainability. Below are some insights into the day-to-day projects and innovations which have kept Bandvulc at the forefront of retreading technology for 50 years.


Our latest innovation in robotics has already seen an increase in efficiency across the plant.  The Automated Build Cell (ABC) project is part of Bandvulc’s three-year development plan to ensure the manufacturing plant continues to develop innovative retreading technologies and drives further efficiencies both for our plant and to improve the working conditions for our people. 

Prior to the introduction of the ABC robot, the loading and unloading of the tyres onto the building machines was a completely manual process for our operatives. Now, the robot automatically loads the tyres onto the building machine from indexed conveyors and the state-of-the-art extrusion technology applies the new compound onto the tread and sidewall of the prepared casing before it is cured in the press. The design and installation of the ABC robot has been carried out in house by our own engineering team.


Our tyre repair robot makes quick work of preparing tyres for the next stage of production, which is applying the new tread.  This fully conveyorized system has dramatically reduced the manual handling effort for our workforce, increasing efficiency and reducing rubber waste since it’s introduction.  


To keep our plant running in the most efficient way possible, our pick and place robots are programmed to select the next tyre required in the process according to our production plans and demands.  The Plant’s production seamlessly controls the whereabouts of each tyre on its journey to become a ‘new’ retread. 


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