Setting the retread standard.

From initial design and development work to casing recycling and tread application, we implement critical quality control measures across our business that ensure we operate in the most efficient way and continually improve in all respects to fulfil our standards and achieve the best retread tyre.

Focusing on quality.

Retreading is a highly regulated industry, and we have processes in place to ensure that we produce tyres of outstanding quality. First and foremost, Bandvulc tyres conform to the UN’s ECE Regulation 109, meaning that performance, dimensions, and tyre wall markings are identical to those of a brand-new tyre. Take a look at the manufacturing and quality processes that go into making each and every Bandvulc tyre.

Quality Facts

We Don't Compromise On Quality.

Expert tyre husbandry is key to prolonging the life of the tyres on a commercial fleet, and together with retreading, casing management is both an economical and environmentally friendly option. A robust, quality casing is crucial for operators wishing to extend the life of their tyres with retreading. Retreading tyres is reliant upon casing supply so operators benefit not only from professional inspection and appraisal of their tyres, but also from advice on how to adapt and refine driving behaviour and their tyre policy. It certainly helps to have an expert team to keep a constant eye on cost. After tyres are collected and returned to our Ivybridge plant, the casings are professionally inspected by our in-house team. Working on a 24-hour, 3-shift system, our teams are able to assess around 2,500 casings per day.

The casing is inspected for two reasons. Firstly, to determine whether the casing can be retreaded and therefore offer the fleet operator significant cost savings. Secondly, to see if the operator and its drivers have been using the casing correctly and making the most of its potential. For example, the checks highlight if the tyre has been placed on the wrong axle, misaligned, or under- or over- inflated. In any of these scenarios, the inspection team is able to determine the cause of damage from the state of the tread and confirm whether the operator has been using the correct tyre for the application.

Following this assessment, we are able to offer our customers expert advice to help address any application issues, and improve fleet performance, efficiency and safety. Ultimately, by refining driving behaviour or adapting their tyre policy, the fleet operator is able to save significant amounts of money.

When it comes to managing used tyres, we’re on the case and will give your worn tyres a second lease of life, without compromising product quality. 

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