Bandvulc Develops New Specialist Product

Bandvulc Develops New Specialist Product


Bandvulc, the leading innovator of specialist tyre products and originator of the WASTEMASTER concept tyre, has recently added a new unique tyre to its portfolio – The Tugmaster, an all positions yard tyre featuring ARMORBAND technology to protect against sidewall damage and a HIGH POLYMER rubber compound to provide higher resistance to punctures.

As with the WASTEMASTER range, the innovative ARMORBAND technology is unique to Bandvulc’s products and offers protection around the sidewall of the tyre, providing an extra safety barrier against curbing and a coloured strip on one side provides early warning in the event the barrier is compromised.

The TUGMASTER also carries a HIGH POLYMER rubber compound that we have exclusively developed, which contains higher levels of natural rubbers to offer excellent tear & puncture resistance.

The TUGMASTER has been designed for the specific application of yard and dock shunter and with both ARMORBAND technology and the HIGH POLYMER rubber compound it offers a great solution to offset the stop/start/curbing demands of yard shunters.

The tyre, currently available in 295/80R22.5, is being widely used by Bandvulc Plus+ retail shunter vehicles as well as being an original equipment option.

For more details on the new TUGMASTER, please take a look here.

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