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Welcome to The Compliance & Anti-Corruption Hotline

Continental’s corporate spirit and ethics (e.g. integrity, honesty and compliance with the law) are documented in the Code of Conduct, the BASICS and the Corporate Governance guidelines. The corporation and its stakeholders, e.g. employees, customers, shareholders, partners and suppliers, are harmed through unethical, illegal and irresponsible activities. Your help is therefore an important step in the fight against, and prevention of, illegal and dubious practices. The installation of a hotline in resolving these incidents.

Why Is A Compliance & Anti-Corruption Hotline Important?

In the past, we received various anonymous contacts regarding alleged corruption and fraud within the corporation. A hotline offers an opportunity to voluntarily provide information about fraudulent actions and breaches of ethics directly and anonymously to the company.

Who Should Use the Compliance & Anti-Corruption Hotline?

Each employee who knows of illegal and dubious activities should use the hotline if he/she cannot discuss the issue with his/her superior. Also, all stakeholders who are aware of illegal and dubious business activities involving Continental and its employees are requested to use the hotline. To disregard and ignore such behaviour increases the damage and frustration. Correct and honest behaviour will not lead to any disadvantages for the whistle-blower.

Which Topics Should Be Communicated Via the Compliance & Anti-Corruption Hotline?

The hotline should be used to communicate the following suspicions of criminal activities:
  • Antitrust issues
  • Accounting manipulation
  • Bribery, corruption, kickbacks
  • Data protection and IT security issues
  • Discrimination, harassment and other labour issues
  • Embezzlement, misappropriation, theft
  • Environmental protection, safety and health
  • Export and import regulations issues
  • Fair dealing including conflict of interest
  • Financial and banking manipulation Inc. insider trading
  • Misuse of assets or service and sabotage or vandalism
  • Money laundry
  • Tax issues

Which Happens After Whistleblowing?

All contacts will be directed via an external service provider to Corporate Audit as well as Corporate Compliance and will be promptly dealt with. You can support our work by voluntary providing us with contact information (phone number, email) so that we can contact you for further information if required. All information, as is currently the case, will be taken seriously and treated confidentially in accordance with the law.

What Happens with The Open Cases Submitted To The Old Hotline Provider?

After shutting down the old hotline from August 31, 2016 onwards open cases will be transferred to Integrity Line, but it may take until mid of November before it is available for access in this new web based system. In case you haven’t had the opportunity to extract your data from the old system, and want to re-access your report after September 1st 2016, we must request you resubmit your case details with Integrity Line. By making sure to include at least date/week of submission, accused person(s), location/company etc., we will be able to link your case details from the old provider to the new one. Otherwise, all open cases will be transferred to Integrity Line, no later than mid of November.

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