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We are renowned for being an industry leader in the fields of concept, design and innovation for truck tyre retreading solutions. Over the past 50 years we have developed an extensive range of specialist retread products, in house, to suit the ever increasing demands of our customers and their bespoke vehicle specifications.

We are fully committed to the exciting opportunities of the future by taking full advantage of technical advances and the latest technology available. This allows us to continue to rapidly respond to market demands with a bespoke, certified retread product, manufactured in the UK.

The digital revolution continues at pace and paves the way for interoperability of equipment, software and solutions. Across all areas of our business not just manufacturing, we are embracing the power of data collection and connectivity providing a complete tyre management solution for your vehicle and fleet needs.  Our tyre management software allows us to seamlessly manage the tyre support requirements of some of the UK’s most prestigious fleets providing 24/7 roadside assistance as well as key performance data such as tyre condition reports, spend and activity reporting and fleet data and analytics.

We recognise the role our tyre experts play in our continued success in a rapidly changing world. Below are some insights into the day-to-day projects and innovations which have kept Bandvulc at the forefront of retreading technology for 50 years.

Quality Rubber: Setting the standard

Quality, reliability and safety are of paramount importance during our tyre production process. At the forefront of retread technology in the UK for more than 50 years, Bandvulc has built an enviable reputation for producing retread tyres of the highest standard.

From initial design and development work to case recycling and tread application on the factory floor, our team of experts implement critical measures that ensure our tyres offer exceptional performance across a range of applications. This is supported with the knowledge and expertise shared by our parent company, Continental Tyres.

In our latest FOCUS case study our Director of Operations, Tony Mailling, explains the steps taken by the team at the Ivybridge factory to deliver quality on a major scale.

Quality RUBBER: Setting the standard

Retreading is a highly regulated industry, and Bandvulc has processes in place to ensure that it’s producing tyres of outstanding quality. First and foremost, Bandvulc tyres conform to the UN’s ECE Regulation 109, meaning that performance, dimensions, and tyre wall markings are identical to those of a brand-new tyre. Take a look at the manufacturing and quality processes that go into making each and every Bandvulc Tyre.

Rubber Recycling: the core of tyre sustainability

Bandvulc began operating 50 years ago at our home in Devon, primarily recycling rubber for our local community.

Now we are the UK’s leading commercial tyre retreader and part of Continental, yet despite significant expansion in capabilities and product offerings over the years, we remain true to our founding principles and commitment to the environment, putting in place a myriad of efficient manufacturing processes to make sure our retread tyres produced are as sustainable as possible.

In our latest FOCUS case study, Tony Mailling, our Operations Director focuses on rubber recycling at our Ivybridge plant and the important role it plays in contributing to a more sustainable UK road transport industry.

Rubber Recycling: the core of tyre sustainability

Bandvulc consider sustainability at the heart of our operations – across the board. This not only includes the manufacturing processes in place on site and our zero-to- landfill policy but also through our diverse product offering and the quality retreads we provide for customers who understand that considering how a tyre will be managed throughout its lifecycle can make a huge difference to operating costs and environmental impact.

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