More Sustainable

More Sustainable

Since the beginning our core focus has been our environment and creating a more sustainable future through truck tyre retreading. The very nature of our business is recycling, however a deeper commitment to the wellbeing and preservation of our planet and its precious resources carries through to each of our new innovations and the day to day running of our business. 

Across the business we operate a “zero to landfill policy”. None of our waste is sent to landfill sites, in fact 100% of the company’s waste is recycled or incinerated. A by-product of the retreading process is buffing dust; this is collected and recycled for a variety of uses including new passenger car tyres and products including athletic surfaces, equestrian arenas and playground matting.  We also produce environmental impact reports for our customers including a detailed breakdown on the environmental savings. Each time a truck tyre is retreaded it saves 30kg of rubber, 20kgs of steel and 68 litres of oil. 

Here are some other energy saving projects and initiatives we’ve applied within our production facility:

Advanced energy monitoring system keeps track of the energy levels and output of every piece of equipment across the whole factory, ensuring optimum environmental sustainability and efficiency at every stage of the process. When the factory shuts down at 6am on a Saturday morning, management can ensure everything is switched off.

The offices, factory and warehouse all have solar panels installed, making best use of natural resources.

Steam recovery systems throughout the press line helps to reduce and reuse otherwise-wasted heat. When machinery is up and running, a steam recovery system is implemented within the manufacturing process, so energy is reused.

Insulation is installed, mainly to keep the heat around the ‘ovens’ that are used to press tyres.

All chemical solvents have been replaced with water-based solutions.

Ongoing projects are in place to investigate utilising natural resources such as rainwater to feed the boiler rather than mains water.

The use of compressed air in our moulding line has been changed to nitrogen instead – this increases curing bladder life by up to 8 times.

We have also completed the governments required ESOS; (Energy Savings opportunity Scheme). This legal requirement has identified future processes that could save energy throughout the whole business, highlighting future projects and opportunities to achieve even more sustainable retreading. Although we are proud of our achievements to-date, we constantly strive to further reduce our environmental impact.  New technologies are investigated as they become available; innovative processes and materials are researched and tested within the business to champion further efficiencies. Here what our Quality & Environmental Manager Justin has to say about Bandvulc’s ongoing environmental commitments

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