On Track For Excellent Customer Service

On Track For Excellent Customer Service

Fleet Management Firm On Track For Excellent Customer Service…


Great customer service is key to any business and gauging feedback about quality of performance is crucial, say managers at truck tyre specialists Bandvulc.
The UK’s largest independent tyre firm has recently updated its customer survey system within its fleet management arm, BVPlus+, to ensure quality of service and client satisfaction remains high.

The survey covered areas on overall responses to calls, including how the caller felt about the service, how the dealer managed the call and, finally, how the end customer felt it was managed.

Kevin McPherson, Director BVPlus+, said the results were ‘extremely pleasing’ with BVPlus+ achieving over 95% success and satisfaction in the initial phase.
Feedback for level of service delivered at the roadside by BVPlus+ Key Partner Network, covering operative’s knowledge, customer service and clarity of communication, saw a score of 95%.

For its Telesales and also Distribution service, BVPlus+ was assessed for knowledge of telesales staff, friendliness of operator and driver and stock communication. Here the company scored another positive 95%.

Kevin said: “These are extremely pleasing results for our BVPlus+ fleet management service. We have received some excellent and constructive feedback which we will take on board as we continue to strive towards the highest customer service possible”.

“For our business, speed is the new currency. It is all very well having the latest technology, telecoms and communications systems, but this needs to run parallel with employees who are motivated to manage the service levels to their full potential and deliver on the promises made by the business to its customers”.

“It is our personal touch which we feel differentiates us from the general tyre market place and enables us to maintain steady growth in our core marketplace”.

“Bandvulc’s investment plans for the entire Group have been founded upon and focused on pro-actively enhancing and improving its delivery where it interacts with the customer. And while investment in systems and technologies is key, Bandvulc also recognises that investment in its people remains the foundation of our business.”

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