Bandvulc Continues to Invest

Bandvulc Continues to Invest

Bandvulc Plus+ Strengthens Support to its Customers

Bandvulc Plus+ continues to invest in additional resources to assist its management of key blue chip customers. Kevin Green joins the BVPlus+ team as a Regional Fleet Inspector having spent 25 years within the tyre industry in a similar but more single-based function.

Kevin brings with him an exceptional knowledge of tyres, whilst being fully conversant on how to maximise their potential and most importantly how to identify their legality. He will also visit and communicate with Bandvulc Plus+ service agents to ensure delivery of service remains at the highest level. Based in Sheffield Kevin will focus on operations in the northern areas of the UK for Bandvulc Plus+ fleets. Kevin will inspect and report on a variety of operations, including working weekends, to ensure success and compliance throughout our managed fleets

The addition and investment in another Fleet Inspector demonstrates the commitment to customer service by Bandvulc Plus+ as it continues to develop new innovative solutions to assist operators, including the implementation and delivery of advanced new technology that will report critical data and activity back to Bandvulc’s valued customers.

Kevin joins an expanding team of Bandvulc Plus+ whose primary focus remains client satisfaction.

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