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Bandvulc initially introduced its special fleet management process for one of its rental fleet clients in order to stringently focus on costs.  The difficulties particularly experienced by such operators include additional work being carried out without authorisation and difficulties in recharging the work to its customers.  The benefit that Bandvulc’s specialist service brings is the ability to track the work through to completion for the customer, ensuring that only the work authorised at the time of the call is paid for (with no exceptions!) and closing down the job.  Whilst this involves greater administration for BVPlus+ the benefit to the hirer is that costs are known in advance and recharges can be processed upfront thus increasing revenue.  BVPlus+’s role includes monitoring the service provider’s ETA and completion time to ensure the customer is being charged correctly.  In February of this year this facility was rolled out to the majority of BVPlus+’s rental/contract fleets.

The team managing this area of operations has been formed from a group of technically aware, experienced members of BVPlus+ including ex-tyre fitters.  They are able to assess situations in depth and have the authority to take suitable action based on achieving the best outcome for the customer in terms of costs, expediency and timesaving.  They can decide whether work recommended by the fitter needs to be done right away or can be arranged to be done back at the depot avoiding additional roadside/call out charges.

The above are enhanced benefits for users of BVPlus+ fleet management, which already includes as standard full validation of vehicle history and checks on previous fleet inspection reports.  This ensures that any additional work the service provider may suggest can be checked and a decision made as to whether such work had previously been completed within a certain timeframe therefore indicating that it would not be necessary to repeat the work so soon.

Phil West Commercial Director of the Bandvulc Group adds; “It’s important as we grow and expand that we recognise and listen to our customers’ needs.  Identifying the specific requirements of rental & contract operators has led us to develop this specialised unit which enhances the overall commercial offering of the business and of course brings operational added value to the process.

“The team has been brilliant in working together with our clients throughout the development process and now fully operational we are realising operational and cost benefits to all parties involved as instruction is clear and unambiguous enabling all parties to “get on with what’s important” and reduce administration errors and misunderstanding.

“It’s a complex set of operations designed to deliver best value and compliance to our client and to manage service agents in providing clarity and understanding of each job’s specific requirements.  We will continue to look for enhancements”.

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