Bandvulc Research & Development

Design and innovation are what make Bandvulc different and with over 40 years of retread experience, development is core to our future strategy. Bandvulc has introduced new concepts in tyre design such as the curbing band on its Wastemaster range along with new tread designs.

We have more than 100 different tread patterns and sizes including specialist applications, all of which use our own bespoke tread compounds developed in-house at the Bandvulc Mixing division. Bandvulc R&D also provides unique and industry-leading experience in bead-to-bead retread hot cure development – renovating the whole tyre to the highest standard.

Our R&D team has access to extensive casing and performance databases, coupled with bespoke software, machinery and processes all developed in-house. These can provide extremely rapid and flexible solutions to customers’ requirements. The team continues to work successfully in innovative partnerships with renowned national and international tyre companies who demand stringent specifications and testing to provide the highest quality retread products.

Bandvulc Mixing

With over 30 years of rubber mixing experience and technology Bandvulc Mixing gives the Group a unique advantage as the only retreader in the UK with in-house rubber mixing and development capability.

Mixing over 100 tonnes a week of compound exclusively for Bandvulc Tyres enables quality control from the tyre to the rubber used, all tracked via individual barcode traceability.

The laboratory is highly advanced with rheometers capable of identifying viscoelastic properties plus rolling resistance characteristics for future developments. Combined with tensile strength, abrasion, heat build-up and flex testing, quality control is at the centre of development.

Quality, innovation and constant development of rubber compounds means Bandvulc can react quickly developing bespoke solutions to customer requirements.

Bandvulc Design

The design of a tyre is more than tread deep: for example Bandvulc pioneered curbing bands that incorporate coloured wear warning strips that are now industry standard across the globe.

Compounding technology offers a variety of characteristics including low rolling resistance, low heat build up, malleability and durability.

Tread design influences many factors like water dispersal, grip on different surfaces and rejection of mud and stones.
We hold more than 100 different tread patterns and sizes including specialist applications.
Bead-to-bead hot cure technology – renovating the whole tyre.

Bandvulc Inspection & Testing

From the beginning to the end of a casing’s journey through our production line it carries unique identification barcoding and goes through a minimum of 8 stages of non-destructive inspections and tests.

Robust manufacturing processes include technology such as laser shearography, ultra high voltage pin hole detection, ultrasonics and full pressure testing alongside physical and visual inspection to ensure consistency of product.

Finished products are randomly selected each month for drum testing ensuring the stringent ECE regulation 109 certification; these tyres are tested and certified to the same standard as that of a new tyre.

Every employee is an inspector; continual in-house training plus the City & Guilds retreading qualification ensures every employee has the full knowledge to make the best retread.

Bandvulc Lean Manufacturing

Our purpose-built factory is subject to Continuous Process Improvement Programmes with technical enhancements in machinery and mould design to improve our ‘right first time’ philosophy and save both material and energy costs. Master Control is the Nerve Centre, at the heart of the facility displaying critical information from sensors that monitor every aspect of production – Bandvulc Mission Control Centre.

Some of our innovations include:

Merlin (Product Control) – Customised barcoding system for tracking tyres through the retread process with a computerised log of work carried out on each tyre. This improves product flow through the manufacturing process, minimises scrap and enables complete traceability of every tyre.

Arthur (Process Control) – Bespoke software to monitor key process equipment performance against stringent control gates.

Ector (Preventative Maintenance) – Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) software package, tailored to Bandvulc, ensures all machinery is operating at maximum efficiency.

Robotics – perhaps the most innovative and exciting new equipment installed are robots to remove repetitive work from the process.

Bandvulc Key Partner Network

Bandvulc Plus+ has evolved its Key Partner Network through a rigorous selection process, which involves every aspect of supplier operations.

These successful agents form a network that covers the whole of the UK and provides a firm platform from which to deliver quality service levels to Bandvulc Plus+ customers. This ensures that Bandvulc Plus+ clients receive the best possible customer service from fully accredited, experienced service providers and tyre technicians.

Bandvulc Plus+ is able to offer complete flexibility by utilising key national service providers and selected independents where required. Within this network is Bandvulc’s own service provider, Tyre Maintenance Ltd.

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