Retreaded tyres: good for industry, good for the environment and good for Britain.
95% of truck tyre retreads used in the UK are made in the UK the industry supports 5,500 jobs, many in deprived areas.
So - retread truck tyres should be a great British success story. Right?
Wrong. Market share of retreaded truck tyres has declined by 30%.
Why? Watch the video to find out more

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Truck & Bus Regrooving Guide

A full guide to our Truck & Bus regrooving.

Version 2.2 June 2018

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BSI UPDATE: BS AU 50-2.7b:2017 Tyres and wheels – Part 2: Wheels and Rims

The crucial standard on selecting and fitting new tyres and wheels has been revised to include alloy wheels for the first time.

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Bandvulc Tyre Warranty

Full details on Bandvulc’s tyre warranty.

Bandvulc Tyres Ltd Retread Tyre Ltd Warranty Version: 2013 V1.0 (Effective: October 2013)

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Tyre Examination Form & Instructions

Along with the Standard Application Form we have provided instructions to assist you in completing the form.

Application Form & Instruction Sheet For Tyre Examination

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A Guide To Regulations Applicable To Used Tyres

This guide will help you understand the current regulations relevant to used tyres.

An Introduction To Used Tyre Recovery

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Uniroyal - New Generation

Uniroyal Brochure - New Generation Range

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Uniroyal - Delivery Range

Uniroyal Brochure - Delivery Range

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LRQA ISO 9001 14001

Certificate of approval ISO 9001-2015, ISO14001-2015 covers BV. BVM & Wigan.

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Corporate Supporter.

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Avetta SSIP

SSIP is an HSE approved umbrella organisation to facilitate mutual recognition between H&S pre-qualification schemes (wherever it is practical
to do so). The assessment carried out by SSIP members is a desktop scrutiny of documentation.
The 2 aims of SSIP are:-
To cut down on unnecessary paperwork and bureaucracy at Stage 1 (pre-qualification) procurement.
By promoting a single standard of Health & Safety assessment at Stage 1 that clients can rely on.
This proves to our customers that we have a robust Health & Safety system in place, which we take seriously.

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British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association Membership

Bandvulc is a member of the Tyre Manufacturers’ Association.

The BTMA engages actively with Government Ministers, officials and enforcement agencies to progress issues ranging from road safety to the environment and from international competitiveness to employee health and safety.

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Tyre Recovery Association Membership

Bandvulc is a full member of the Tyre Recovery Association.

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Tyre Industry Federation Membership

Bandvulc is a member of the Tyre Industry Federation, Responsible Recycler Scheme.

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Alcumus SafeContractor Accreditation

Bandvulc is an Alcumus SafeContractor accredited Contractor.

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Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery Statement.

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Tax Strategy

Bandvulc Sub-Group UK Tax Strategy

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Certificate of Registration - Waste

Certificate of Registration under the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011

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